Security Database Update

Quality Window 6.1.67 Security Database Update

This information is intended for Quality Window customers who are upgrading from any version of Quality Window 6 prior to 6.1.67 and currently use the built-in security features to require user logins. If you are not using these security features or are upgrading from Quality Window 5, the information below does not apply to you.

In our latest version, we address an issue where Quality Window would crash due to a Windows update. Previously, a temporary fix required customers to install a patch. Now, a permanent solution is included in this update.

New Installer Warning

What’s Changed?

The core issue stemmed from Busitech’s reliance on Microsoft technologies for our security database, which have since become incompatible with Quality Window. As a result, we will no longer use the “QWSecure.QWDB” file and will replace it with a new database named “QWData.QWSDB”.

Impact on Your Quality Window Deployment

Busitech’s updated installer automatically migrates all user entries from the old database to the
new one, provided the following conditions are met:

  1. User entries exist in the current “QWSecure.QWDB” database.
  2. The device running the installer has an older version than 6.1.67 installed.
  3. There is no existing user with the same username in the new database.

This update will solely utilize the new database, ensuring no user data is read from or written to the old database. It is crucial to upgrade all devices running any version of Quality Window 6.1.67 to avoid discrepancies in security databases among devices.

What You Need to Do

Upgrade all devices in your Quality Window deployment to this version to ensure consistency across your security databases. Refrain from making any security changes during the upgrade process until all devices are updated.

Need Assistance?

For any questions or additional support, customers with an active maintenance and support service can contact Busitech at

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