Seeing Data – a Bird’s Eye View or a View from 20,000 feet!

There are many phrases that describe an ability to stand back and take in a broad collection of data giving a new perspective on that data. Phrases like God’s Eye View, the view from 20,000 feet, your Mind’s Eye are ways of describing this look at data that may be too noisy to understand up close but a different perspective can offer new insights into the data.

Quality Window 5 has a number of these unique perspectives that allow you to see the whole forest instead of just the trees.

The Tri-eto Chart ( 3 pareto charts combined) provides a clear perspective on Event like data (Downtime, Defects, Losses) that allows the viewer to understand Causes ranked against frequencies and even dollar costs. This promotes cost effective action plans for fixing the right things to maximize efficiencies for a product or process.

The Hat Chart combines multi-variable data using three 3 statistics (Cr – Capability Ratio, Tz – Target Z and Cpk- Clearance) This chart provides a Bird’s Eye View of the performance of those variables in terms of Targeting, Variation and Defect levels permitting the understanding of variable interactions as well as developing investigative plans for reducing variation and getting back on target.

A third “stand back and observe” tool is the QWSumStatmodule which summarizes vast amounts of detail data using statistics allowing for the performance comparisons of unlike products and manufacturing lines and plants – “apples and oranges”. The summary statistics values generated can then be displayed in custom views, likedashboards or Excel files, that allow for the drilling back down into the detail data to better understand the issues.

The Quality Window 5 product is a great front line tool for understanding data as it is collected but then using these stand back and look views tremendously increasing the use and value of the detail data collected.


Unlock your data with QW6 SPC Software

Smart teams know the key to improved results is unlocking data that will show you where to look. Give QW6 a try for free and gain the visuals and statistics that can lead your path to success.

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