Sending a Quality Window Application to Another User

When you have a Quality Window application, or more specifically a loaded View of an application that you would like to share with another user, there are several ways you could accomplish this:

  • If the user is on the same network as you and has access to the Quality Window application folder, then you could simply send him the location of the file on the server and have him open it directly.
  • If the user is not on your network, then you could use the procedure laid out in Using QWFilepack to send QW application files by e-mail.
  • If the user is not on your network, there is another way which only requires a couple clicks.

Open your Quality Window application and load the appropriate View if necessary. Then click on File | Save View As… and click on the pull-down for Save as type, and change it to Quality Window XML Transport File (*.QWXML)

Once saved, open your Email software and simply attach the QWXML file you just saved and send it to your recipient. When they open the email, they can simply click on the attached QWXML file and it will load Quality Window with the same data and format as when you saved it.

Note that you could also save the View as a QWXLXML file and send it, which will open the application in QWXLV3 instead of Quality Window.

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