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Get full control over your data and how you use it with QWAdmin.

QWAdmin is the “rapid change tool” that is used to create and change QW 5 Applications. It allows you to not only create the application but also modify them “on the fly” with no data loss. Changes such as adding or moving variables within an application, as well as quickly changing specifications and targets when needed, is a breeze. Once created these Applications are accessible in Quality Window through the Begin screen.

QW6Admin Dashboard

An overall view of all the QW6 Utilities available to maximize the capabilities of QW6

Maintain/Create Applications

A comprehensive tool for creating and rapidly changing existing applications.  This tool helps you create the custom applications to meet all the needs you have for the collection and analysis of data every area of your operations.

Batch Upgrade

A method for quickly upgrading your legacy QW applications to QW6 in a safe managed approach.

Query License Server

Allows QW6 Admins to quickly see which QW6 applications are currently in use and by which users.

Directory Files

Used to provide a selected list of QW6 Applications a user can access and also set read only access so users can only view the application.

Manage Units

Used to maintain the Units of Measure to identifiers that can be applied to individual variables.  It is also used to provide special formatting for Items like Date and time.

Manage Statistics

Used to define the default statics to be displayed for variables in a QW6 application.  The powerful statistics engine in QW6 provides a vast number of statistics that can be used within QW6 applications.

Manage Rules

The Rules management utility provides the capability to create, maintain and prioritize the control/Trend rules used in QW6 applications.  These rules are used in the Alarm screen to alert users to current conditions in an application to take action in a timely manner.

Manage Popups

Predefined Popups selection files are very useful tools for quickly and accurately capturing data in a QW6 application.   Popups can prompt a user from a single list of selections or lead them to the correct selection through a series of related questions.  Popups can also provide companion data to be included with a selection and included in the QW6 application with no additional effort.

Script Editor

Scripts in QW6 open the door to customizing QW6 applications to provide functionality that is not standard in a QW6 application.  This can be access to external data like automation systems or creating custom output like Certificates of Analysis  (COA).  The capabilities that Scripting in QW6 provides is a very powerful ways for integrating QW6 into the manufacturing workflow.

Security Administrator

The QW6 Security features provide the QWAdmin user the ability to tightly secure the administrative functions of QW6 but also control individual user access capabilities for accessing and updating data.  Along with that the traceability of data updates as well as changes to QW6 applications using audit trails.  The security capabilities provide users of the QW6 product a platform to meet the stringent standards require to produce both regulated and non-regulated products.

Utilities module

Provided QW6 users with the ability to share QW6 data in different formats like Excel or CSV format ensuring valuable data can be reused and integrated to meet additional needs external to QW6.  The Utilities module also provides the ability to manage application data file sizes through an archiving capability…data is never lost it is just preserved in an archive environment.  The Re-organization functions is used to freshen up QW6 application files by permanently removing deleted records and performing re-calculations or variables,

SumStat Reporter

This utility combines data from multiple QW6 applications to produce outputs based on Summary Statistics allowing users to compare results for different application formats based on statistics.  This utility drives the custom creation of dashboard-type presentations of data with links back to the base Application for further review.

Task Scheduler

Create background tasks that can be run on a timed or event basis.  The event basis task can be used for such things like downtime where the task is monitoring a tag value in an automation system to start a timer for an event.  A timed event can be used for performing backups or running reports.

SQL Wizard

Provides access to the vast amount of data contained in external databases.  It creates on the fly QW6 applications to permit the viewing of analysis of data using the powerful tools within QW6.

Excel to QW6 Importer

A fast method of turning Excel worksheets organized in columns and rows instantly into QW6 applications.  This is a fast track tool for getting started with QW6 when existing data is available in an Excel format.

Backup Application

Creates a compressed backup of an existing QW6 application and can be easily retrieved using the Restore Utility.

Restore Applications

Provides the ability to perform selective restores of complete applications, or individual application files, that were created using the Backup utility.

Application File Packager

This utility will combine all files related to an application into a Compressed format (ZIP) to allow for the easy transmission via email.  Busitech uses this utility support for customers who encounter problems with an QW6 Application.

Application Checker

A support utility used to scan a QW6 application to detect issues with an application.

RS232 Administrator

This tool assists users in defining a command file for retrieving data from RS232 devices like a Weigh scale.  This eliminates the need to manually enter data recorded by a scale or gauge decreases collection time and increasing accuracy.

Version Checker

A support utility that checks the QW6 modules currently installed on a workstation with those on the Busitech site to verify all modules are correct.

Debug Tracing

A support utility Busitech may request a user would run to assist in the root cause of an error for a QW6 application.  It creates a log file that can be saved and shared with Busitech to correct the issue encountered.

Spec Manager

A method of making mass changes to groups of QW6 applications in a quick and efficient manner.  It is ideal for when limit changes are to be made across a large number of applications.  It can not be used for structure changes to an application.

Application Documenter

A great tool for providing an overall view of all or some of your QW6 Applications in terms of template settings, file sizes and last access information.  It quickly helps you to identify applications that are no longer in use so they can be archived.

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