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QW6 provides both a selectable Macro list of predefined functions as well as Scripting hook-points within its update function for user-defined functionality. The scripting hook points provide the capability for tight integration with workflows and external systems. 


Macros are scripting functions built-in to QW6 and accessible from the QW6 main menu bar giving users easy access to perform predefined functions that are not integrated into the flow of an Application. 

Script Editor

You can use the Script Editor in the Admin Manager to create and maintain the Marco scripts. Adding a new function to this script will automatically include that function in the Macros menu when selected in QW6. 

Typically, these types of functions are not application-specific but of a more global nature, so they are always available when running the QW6 Workstation program. 

Consulting & Scripting

With our help, you can take macros and scripting even further. We offer Custom Scripting for our clients as a paid service, and you can reach out to our support team for fees and estimates on this service.

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