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Get intuitive visuals throughout QW6 and unlock your insight into your SPC/SQC data.

Simple and clear visualization of your data is at the core of QW6 and one of the prominent reasons why our software is used in thousands of facilities in over 70 countries around the globe. We pack QW6 with a collection of industry-proven charts and views giving you the keys to unlock the insight stuck n your manufacturing process data. Browse our views and charts below and then register for your full-version free trial to get them a comprehensive view of how QW6 can help you.

Select Application

Presentation of available custom application templates to select from.

Log Sheet

An intuitive colorful representation of data in a column and row format

Add/Edit Data

A quick method of recording data by manual entry or obtained from interfaces such as scales or automation systems.  Data is displayed in colors based on the limits assigned to individual variables.

Alarm Screen

Presents Alarm conditions for variables based on the limits and control rules applied to individual variables. Allow for the recording of actions taken for Alarm conditions for future reference. 

Control Chart

Provides three views of data for an individual variable based on intuitive colors based on Limits, to understanding trends and troubleshooting issues that have occurred.  The three views consist of a Run Chart of data back over time, Histogram for the distribution of the data and Summary statistics for highlighting conditions based on standard statistics found in the data.  An optional Range chart is also available.

Relationship Chart

A powerful troubleshooting tool for exploring the interaction between individual variables contained within an application.  Relationships between variables are subject to a 95% confidence test and highlighted when a verifiable interaction is detected and express in a percentage value.

Relationship Grid View

Provides a stand back overall view of the interaction of all variables within an Application with the capability of focusing in on only variables with that have passed a significance test

Comparison Chart

One Variable & Two frames

A change management tool that provides a Run Chart and combination Histogram for one variable but two different time frames.  It includes a test on Averages (T Test) and Variation (F Test) to determine if there is statistical evidence that the populations are different.

Comparison Chart

Two Variable & Two frames

A method of comparing two variables with different timeframes to determine if there are significant differences in the data populations.  Very useful in comparing data for time based processes – upstream versus downstream processes.

Prioritize Chart

Combines the presentation of up to 3 Pareto’s charts of Summary Statistics combined with details for individual selected variables.  The ranking of summary statistics in a pareto format allows the determination of which variables have specific issues that should be investigated  to improve efficiencies in a process.

Hat Chart

A global view of all variables based on their results in terms of Targeting (Tz-Target Z) and Variation (Cr-Capability Ratio).  The unique chart provides an easy to understand presentation of which variables have Target and or Variation issues.  It is powerful tool for knowing what variables need to be addressed as well as what variables appear to have similar issues.

Trieto Chart

An intuitive tool for analyzing event type data like Downtime or Defects using up to three metrics in a pareto format combined with an interval chart and histogram.  The three measures would be frequency, a measure of time or loss as well a calculated metric for cost in dollars or loss of production loss.  

Multiline Chart

A method of combining like variables in two charts Run Chart and Capability Bars used to understand the different results for each variable based on a selected summary statistic.  Very useful for measurements like calipers and weights across different lines or zones in a process.  


A Quick at click view of the overall results based on the screen the selection was made from.  The format varies from a Summary Statistics, Alarms, Relationships and Comparison results.

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