Certificates of Analysis

Why use a screwdriver

When you can use a power drill!

Creating Certificates of Analysis, COA’s or CofA’s, is no different. Plus, using a specialized tool like our SQC/SPC software, Quality Window 5, you can easily create a certificate of analysis and do so much more to improve your process at the same time.

The most efficient and successful way to accomplish your goal is to use a specialized tool.

What is a Certificate of Analysis, exactly?

Simply put, it’s a document that certifies that the product you’ve manufactured conforms to the customer’s specifications. It’s important for the customers, downstream from your process, to know that your product adheres to specific limits and targets, and to ensure that it meets their needs. By creating COA’s for your customers, you’re working towards better continuous improvement and avoiding costly returns, replacements or complaints.

A Certificate of Analysis can sometimes be referred to as a COA, a CofA, a certificate of compliance, or a certificate of conformance, however Certificate of Analysis is the generally accepted term in the manufacturing industry.

Why do I need a Certificate of Analysis?

A typical motivation for creating CofA’s is a customer requesting the document from their supplier(s) to better manage their continuous improvement process and help identify areas needing improvement. As it is an outgoing report for the customer, the certificate of analysis needs to have a some key information that your customer will use to match the report with the product received, and properly identify the specifics of the products to ensure compliance.

Creating a Certificate of Analysis made easy with QW5

Just like our earlier comparison between a screwdriver and power drill, using a manual process to create your COA’s can be inefficient and lead to reporting issues like time-lag, and manual errors. Using a power tool like QW5, you can easily and efficiently create Certificates of Analysis with the click of a few buttons. Once setup, QW5 can help you create your own CofA’s in one of two methods: either using our Process Monitoring application or exporting your data to MS-Word or MS-Excel with pre-formatted templates.

Creating Certificates of Analysis is just the tip of the iceberg for what QW5 can do for your Statistical Process Control (SPC), your Statistical Quality Control (SQC) or your Continuous Improvement efforts. Check out our solutions for other pain-points that you’re having like Process Monitoring, Event Tracking, or Downtown Management.

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