Releases Notes for Quality Window

2024-01-30 | Build 6.00.735

Rename Application Improvements

  • Rename Application Title – We’ve improved the ‘Rename Application’ feature in the Quality Windows Administrator. Previously, administrators had to remember to rename the application in the general application settings as the title was not an option in the initial rename operation. Now, administrators can easily rename the application title as part of the initial rename operation.
  • Rename Application Value Prefill – As part of the improvements to the ‘Rename Application’ feature, we’ve made it easier for administrators to rename applications. Now, the title and file names are pre-filled with the current title and file name during the renaming process.
Updated Rename Application Dialog

Administration Logging Improvements

  • Improved Log Entry for ‘Save Application As’ – We’ve enhanced the log entries for the ‘Save Application As’ function. Now, when an administrator saves an existing application under a new name and/or location, the log entry clearly indicates that the new application was created from an existing one. Additionally, we’ve ensured that the logs of the existing application are preserved by copying them over during the ‘Save Application As’ process.
  • Improved Log Entry for ‘Renamed Application’ – We’ve also improved the log entries for the ‘Renamed Application’ function. When an administrator renames an application, a new log entry is added to indicate that the application has been renamed.
  • Improved Log Entries for ‘Chart Screen Options’ – We’ve made enhancements to the log entries for changes to application chart screen options. These entries were previously unclear, but have now been improved for better clarity.

Transaction Audit Logging Improvements

  • Expand/Collapse Nested Rows – We’ve added a new Transaction Audit feature to the Quality Window workstation. This feature allows users to easily expand and collapse all nested records using new toolbar buttons.
  • Row Highlighter – We’ve enhanced the user interface by adding a blue highlight to selected rows. This feature facilitates analysis in applications audit records that require horizontal scrolling.
New features in Audit Log Viewer

Security Improvements

  • Network Security Caching – This feature is designed for scenarios where customers experience performance issues related to Quality Window Security on their networks. In this version of Quality Window, administrators have the option to enable caching. This function temporarily stores security data on workstations, potentially improving performance. However, it’s important to note that if user accounts are altered, clients using the caching feature will need to restart their Quality Window applications to reflect the updated security changes. To enable this feature, in Quality window workstation navigate to Tools ➡️ Settings and enable the “Cache security DB locally” setting in the general section.

Resolved Issues

  • QW Batch Move Utility QW5 template issue – We’ve resolved an issue where an error was occurring when opening Quality Window 5 applications in the QW Batch Move Utility.
  • QW Merge Warning Dialog Issue – We’ve addressed an issue where a Windows update affected the display of the QW Merge warning dialog. This issue occurred when a saved merge application attempted to load an application that had been modified since the last save. We’ve now updated the warning message to ensure it displays correctly.
  • Application Renaming Issue – We identified a problem where renaming an application was causing an error under certain circumstances. This issue has now been resolved.
  • Directory Files Help Issue – We’ve resolved an issue where the help link for the Directory Files feature was not directing users to the correct knowledge base article.

2024-01-08 | Build 6.00.734

  • Popup Editor Lost and Locked: Resolved an issue where the Popup Editor would become unresponsive and lock the Quality Window Administrator application.
  • Extra un-needed Audit log Entries when Saving an application: Removed unnecessary audit log entries that were added when saving an application.
  • Cannot save Application due to Temp file Conflict: Fixed a problem where temporary files in the Windows temp folder prevented saving applications.
  • Security Editor Help Not Opening: Corrected the issue with the non-functioning Help button in the Security Editor.
  • Report Type Options Duplicated: Addressed the duplication and missing report types in QW Administrator Manage Applications.
  • Application Versioning truncating Trailing Zeros: Resolved an issue with application version numbers misleadingly truncating trailing zeros.
  • Chart Screen Options Reversed: Fixed incorrect property updates in Chart Screen Options.
  • Cannot Save Application if View File Was Deleted: Resolved a blocking issue related to saving an application when its view file is deleted.
  • Directory Files Editor Help not opening Help: Re-enabled help in the Directory Files Editor with access to a video tutorial.
  • File Version is Inaccurate in Auto-Generated Change Message Log: Corrected the file version display in the auto-generated change message log.
  • Security Options not always saving in Security Administrator: Fixed a rare issue where certain security options were not saving correctly.
  • Active X error when adding or editing records to Application: Fixed a bug causing crashes when adding or editing records in Quality Window Workstation.
  • Opening via Directory File mode throws Error: Resolved a runtime error when opening an application via Directory File mode.
  • Global Macro “Display All Control Charts” not showing Control charts Properly: Addressed an issue with the “Display All Control Charts” macro not rendering control charts correctly.
  • Prevent updating QW License Server with invalid shared Configuration: Fixed an issue where invalid configuration values could overwrite valid ones on the Quality Window License Server.
  • Scripting: QWRepository.CurrentRecord Function returning incorrect value: Resolved an issue with the QWRepository.CurrentRecord function returning incorrect values in custom scripts.

2023-08-15 | Build 6.00.733

  • Fixed QW6Admin not properly upgrading QW5 applications. File not found error on some templates.
  • Fixed directory file dialog not loading all files. Duplicate template files were being filtered out of the list on load even when different views were assigned to the item.
  • QW6 IO Tester module icon has been restored on the QW6Admin dashboard.
  • License server client now performs check in every 5 minutes. This is to reduce network pings to the server.
  • Fixed random “Invalid property array index” error when clicking on folder in QW6FilePack.

2023-07-10 | Build 6.00.732

  • Updated license server error messages, error recovery, and license evaluation.
  • Bug fix: Directory files on open dialog was not opening the correct file.
  • Extra validation checks on saved applications in QW6Admin. Test for zero byte template when saving.
  • Added error trapping for corrupt and/or invalid template files in QW6FilePack
  • Bug Fix: Filter views not being processed correctly outside of Views Manager.
  • Disabled progress bars in QW6Merge to resolve runtime errors on Preview

2023-03-23 | Build 6.00.731

  • Improved error trapping and resolution for invalid license number when using concurrent licensing
  • Bug fix synchronizing template limits with view limits while saving application. Special formatting of fixed valuesmight not compare correctly.
  • DEPRECATED: Auto update of shared configuration from license server. Feature was causing confusion andpotentially incorrect mapping of shared resource files.
  • Removed option to publish shared files when saving changes to Shared Configuration. Instead, prompt user tocopy files if they don’t exist in the destination folder.
  • QW Sql Wizard now looking for additional date data types and allow same field to be used for Date and Timevariables. Format string option for parsing is ignored for date fields.
  • Bug fix: XREF and Category values were being lost on Date and Time variables.

2023-02-01 | Build 6.00.729

  • Reset the logsheet lock variable to variable 2 if greater than the rightmost column index in the logsheet.
  • Fixed Administrator was incorrectly reading and writing UWL value in views when modifying
  • Change log and transaction log are now have readonly and hidden flag attributes
  • Restore Application in QW6 Admin Dashboard now invokes legacy backup utility
  • Trap runtime error when reading corrupted (truncated) View files
  • Fixed overflow runtime error in QW6Version
  • Updated security read/write to use updated ACE.OLEDB driver
  • Fixed the Exclude Empty Variables option in Views not being applied when executed.

2022-10-18 | Build 6.00.728

  • Fixed XLS input/output not writing proper value to destination cell.
  • Fixed add/edit getting stuck on variables with special input formats.
  • Fixed QW6Documenter not executing queries
  • QW6Documenter grid view now shows column headers for queried fields
  • New SQLWizard error trapping when attempting to enumerate tables in some data sources
  • Bug fix. QW6Admin not writing View subtotal fields to view definition files under the REPORT block.

2022-08-16 | Build 6.00.727

  • Improved error messages for issues related to license server connections
  • Fixed subscript out of range error on drop down combo of the registration screen when list of servers is null
  • Added hourglass mousepointer when calling Preview in QW6Merge
  • Fixed log sheet not pointing to correct cell on load.
  • More performance improvements when processing views
  • Fixed runtime error when importing View in Views Manager
  • Fixed invalid license number error after updating registration

2022-06-28 | Build 6.00.724

  • Improved loading performance of application data when a default view is specified
  • Resolved error 1 related to configuration files moved to new folder location

2022-06-24 | Build 6.00.723

  • Delete function no longer writes extra newline characters in transaction log after the ACTION column.
  • Added icon for QW6Backup and labeled as Legacy Backup
  • QW6 Backup folder view defaults to data directory from Shared Configuration
  • QW6 Backup command line syntax viewable from the Help menu
  • QW6 Backup has updated UI for folder browser and includes New Folder button
  • Fixed installer not properly applying the digital signing certificate
  • Speed improvements when processing Views
  • Views manager performance improvements
  • Added new Copy Syntax button to QW6Backup. Generates command line syntax for current selected item.
  • Added QW6Backup to the Admin Dashboard. Replaces Archive Application button.
  • Template Version number is now being properly updated when saving an Application in QW6Admin
  • Improved loading speed when opening template data that has a Default View assigned.
  • Settings are now stored in user App Data location instead of common Application Data

2022-04-12 | Build 6.00.719

  • Fix invalid file extension when doing Save As on new Application
  • Fix unable to create new popup. Popup editor now starts in new file mode
  • Fix QW6Scheduler now overwrites parameters on Task item when clicking the browse button
  • QW6Admin Grid View now respects selected range of cells when pasting data
  • QW6Admin Grid View performance improvement due to resolved data formatting errors
  • Fixed Certificate of Analysis view in Process Monitoring not being displayed properly in Q-Report
  • Improved report display speed in QW6
  • Added XLS as an input/output protocol for variables
  • Temporarily disabled validation of input/output files to allow non-standard OPC addresses
  • Added pause option on Query License Server.
  • Added sort by column header on Query License Server.

2022-01-12 | Build 6.00.718

  • Improved speed loading and executing Views
  • Recalculating records no longer loads popup/lookup information. During reorg or modify in QW6Admin, loading
  • popup/lookup information for each record was redundant. This change improves reorg and modify
  • performance.
  • QW6 Spec Manager was writing to incorrect change and message log files. This has been resolved.

2021-11-10 | Build 6.00.715

  • Bug Fix: Utilities MOVE “keep last” setting would get overwritten by default historical records in the template.
  • Bug Fix: Utilities MOVE user interface pacifier now showing proper progress values.
  • New: QW6 now supports Display As PDF and Display As MHT from the File menu.
  • New: QW6 now supports Export As PDF, Export As MHT, and Export As CSV for log sheet data only.
  • Improved Views Manager user interface loading speed
  • Bug Fix: Views Manager retains filter options when executing Refresh Current View
  • Help added to QW6 Utilities via PDF document.
  • Bug fix: QW6Admin paste variable will now set position to new item.
  • Bug fix: QW6Admin copy/paste variable on grid view is now working properly
  • Bug fix: Data validation would disable user interface and prevent changes to data or allow user to cancel
  • Bug fix: Views report options not being saved and loaded properly. Data conversion error.
  • Bug fix: Max input length for date / time variables was invalid for data entry.

2021-10-01 | Build 6.00.714 

  • Bug Fix: File used to store auto-number (QWN) was not being upgraded when saving a QW5 template to QW6.
  • Bug Fix: Deleting users from security database would generate a runtime error.
  • Bug Fix: Views not loading and executing properly from drop down menu or via default view setting
  • Bug Fix: Move utility issues have been resolved with the Views bug fix

2021-08-05 | Build 6.00.713

  • QW6Admin resolved bugs with Grid View copy and paste
  • Added error messages to QW6 Shared Configuration manager.

2021-07-28 | Build 6.00.712

  • Bug fix with views filtering not respecting FROM/TO number of records
  • Improved loading dialog with pacifier and text. Disabled marquee progress for speed.
  • New feature, Copy Data for Excel, accessible from Edit menu. Copies tab delimited data variable name header
  • and record data to clipboard. Respects current tib selection.
  • Bug fix for copy/paste in QW6Admin Grid View

2021-07-19 | Build 6.00.711

  • Bug fix for Average variable validation in QW6Admin.
  • Bug fix hide popup keys removing extra data when dashes present in popup values.
  • Bug fix “Invalid Property Value” in QW6SumStat pacifier.
  • Bug fix in numeric variables not writing IO files when format string is empty.
  • Bug fix: Last line in Application Views index file would get overwritten if not terminated with CR/LF. This would
  • also cause the last View definition file to get overwritten.
  • Bug fix: Filters in views not being saved properly after modify in QW6Admin. Invalid key was being written to the
  • view file.
  • New prompt when navigating away from current variable on Alarms with unsaved audit entry data.
  • New QW Batch Move utility
  • New QW Batch Check utility

2021-06-01 | Build 6.00.710

  • Bug Fix: QW6Admin no longer keeping security database opened and locked.

2021-05-27 | Build 6.00.709

  • Bug fix: Invalid flag being used for Authenticate Edit.
  • Shared Configuration: New exclamation overwrite prompt when publishing files to shared folder
  • Shared Configuration: Publish files will create backup of destination with timestamp in filename
  • QW6Admin number of variables to average was not being validated for Average type variables.

2021-05-07 | Build

  • Added security database line to Application Properties dialog box in QW6
  • Improved performance with saving security user records.
  • QW6 desktop now has Export to CSV option from the File menu.
  • QW6Admin popup file paths change from absolute to relative would trigger modify.
  • Qw6Admin security editor now has Export to CSV function from the File menu.
  • New dynamic date filters on Utilities Move command.
  • Loading and filtering speed improvements.

2021-03-30 | Build

  • Bug fix. Runtime error loading and concatenating script files not having final CrLf characters.
  • Views menu now updating after add/remove views from within the Views Manager
  • QW6Admin security new user password expiry date is null by default
  • QW6Admin security password change now sets password expiry to current date plus 90 days if not null
  • QW6Admin fixed editing of directory file items
  • QW6Admin variable popup file path changed from absolute to relative would trigger modify. Paths are no longer changed to avoid the unnecessary modify.
  • QW6Admin modify of views after structure change may cause View to become corrupted due to invalid data formatting.
  • Read/Write of input/output files moved to QWAccess with new public methods.
  • Bug fix for variable information not showing popup information
  • QW6Admin bug fix on popup selector dialog. List box should not update content when item is selected.
  • QW6Admin Batch Upgrade will test for file exist and overwrite. If overwrite is false but file does not exist, the source file will be ported to QW6. This allows batch upgrade to be run again later to bring forward any new data from QW5 while not changing the QW6 template. Basic testing of source and destination schema is performed to ensure compatibility.
  • Bug fix. Directory file editor not responding to the move item buttons correctly. Bad index pointers.
  • Bug fix. Directory file editor not properly binding to View Name column.

2021-01-25 | Build

  • QW6Admin Batch Conversion dialog now clears the log window after Upgrade button click.
  • QW6Admin Batch Conversion dialog will always modify the destination folder after the source folder has been changed. To modify the destination, do so after selecting the Source folder.
  • Added more tests to prevent unnecessary modify of data when performing a save or upgrade.
  • Error trap and properly handle null popup file in QW6Admin.
  • Trap invalid popup file name in editor for QW6Admin.
  • Registration dialog is more stable after encountering errors connecting to License Server.
  • QW6Admin shutdown time has been improved. 
  • Bug fix. Transaction file not writing proper authenticated username.
  • Bug fix. Attempting to edit last variable with PROTECTED attribute causes runtime error.
  • Relative and absolute paths to I/O files and Popups are now properly respected. Paths are converted to relative when applicable. Absolute paths remain unchanged.
  • Template upgrade/migration will now copy popup files to destination directory if paths are in same directory as the original source template.
  • Begin screen now shows Title followed by File Name for recent and existing views.
  • Add/Edit screen fixed double variable move after selecting popup
  • Add/Edit screen fixed enter key not moving to next variable
  • Add/Edit screen fixed background colour of editing cell to remain selected
  • Begin Screen home directory now respects default data directory.
  • Changing home directory from Begin Screen now removed. Must be set in Shared Configuration.
  • Application Properties dialog now shows Default Data Directory
  • Fixed FilePack not collecting some supplementary files associated with the template
  • QW6Admin renamed Archive to Backup
  • QW6Admin Backup fixed text box being cleared after pressing cancel from browse for file dialog
  • QW6Admin Restore added buttons to select all/none file items from the checked list
  • MOVE tests archive template for compatible schema when option to APPEND data has been selected. Incompatible schemas are archived, and a new archive template is created.
  • Archive, Backup, and Restore now use the same zip archive format.

2020-11-20 | Build

  • Error trap execution of queries in QW6Documenter
  • Removed auto execute of queries from drop down combo in QW6Documenter
  • Bug Fix: User Sign In menu not properly enabled after Sign Out
  • Bug Fix: QW6Admin right click context menus not properly enabled for copy / paste.
  • Bug Fix: File Pack not collecting change log (QWL6) and message log (QWM6) files
  • New Unit of Measure item for variables; FILENAME. Displays file picker button […] on Update and displays data in blue on the log sheet to indicate a hyperlink. Mouse click on the log sheet cell launches the file with the associated viewer.
  • Enhancements to License Query Server. Show more connection data and concurrent license usage.
  • QW6 Admin improved message box text and caption for validation errors.
  • Added progress bar and cancellation for Batch Upgrade in QW6 Admin
  • Added log file and display for Batch Upgrade summary in QW6 Admin
  • Bug Fix: Potential Subscript out of Range err in Update when cycling through Protected variables
  • Concurrent licensing with reservations now writes a temporary 48-hour key on the client workstation. This allows critical workstations have a valid license while offline or when temporary License Server downtime occurs.
  • QW6 Admin supports Windows Authentication for password recovery. Users in the Administrators group can gain access to QWAdmin and QWSecurity after successfully authenticating.
  • Bug fix: Text variables not updating properly after EDIT.
  • Busitech Quality Window 6
  • No longer display Current Field Out of Bounds error on Update.
  • Bug Fix: My Value column disappears when clicking on Current Value column.

2020-09-29 | Build

  • Previous Value (F9) default setting has been moved to Security Editor options dialog
  • Previous Value (F9) is now a permission that can be assigned to security users
  • Previous Value (F9) permission for security user is now off by default
  • Sample Applications now installed to C:\Busitech\QW6\Sample Applications
  • Installer now initializes and writes default settings for QW6
  • Fix debugger not always starting properly when DEBUGMODE flag is set to TRUE
  • Bug Fix: App Config reader was not properly loading the last line of the file
  • Bug fix: Allow change password when user password has expired
  • Bug fix: Trap runtime errors in license registration dialog
  • Bug fix: Control and Relate not properly displaying range chart with toolbar toggle button
  • Bug fix: Security Import Legacy Database now assigns Admin role to QWADMIN users
  • Bug fix: Runtime error “Item already a member of a collection” while saving template containing importedvariables from another template.
  • Bug fix: Variable indices not updating after Duplicate Variable in QW6Admin
  • Bug fix: Message log not properly writing entries for Variables added and/or moved
  • Message Log now includes variable names and variable numbers in log message data
  • Reformatted output for message log records to improve readability
  • QW6Documenter now stores database and configuration file in ProgramData\Busitech\QW6
  • Bug fix: Beginning of data file pointer not properly set when record count is 1.
  • Bug fix: QW6SQLWizard “Invalid property array index” when query result count is 0.

2020-09-14 | Build

  • Fixed QW6Launch list items out of synch issue
  • Fixed QW6Launch not properly saving changes
  • Installer applies modify permission on Sample Applications for current user

2020-09-10 | Build

  • Fixed runtime error committing changes in QW Spec Manager
  • Additional help links included within utility programs
  • Fixed runtime error in QW6 Launch Tray when moving position of item in list

2020-09-04 | Build

  • QW6 proper handling of command line files when authentication is turned on.
  • QW6 Authenticated user’s default document overrides any command line file.
  • QW6Version executable now saves output to Documents as default location
  • QW6Version now generates PDF instead of MHT when Save Report is invoked
  • QW6 Launch Tray configured with new default apps

2020-09-02 | Build

  • Updated application icon
  • Updated help links from menu
  • Updated contextual help from toolbar button
  • Resolved invalid date format validation error in Update
  • Resolved Range variable data not being written to disk
  • Added option to auto size stats box to content or fill control
  • Relationship grid now has focus rectangle on cell instead of filled rectangle
  • Updated help links in QW6Admin

2020-07-14 | Build

  • Fixed runtime error 9 subscript out of range on Filter tab
  • Widened rightmost column on Filter tab grid

2020-07-10 |Build

  • Fixed Alarm screen not displaying properly
  • Fixed Auto Update Config at startup not respecting option to disable

2020-07-10 | Build

  • Added link to Alarms.pdf help file invokable from the Help/Contents menu
  • Automatically query license server for shared configuration now turned on by default
  • Pacifier dialog now shown when query license server for shared configuration
  • Added QW6Documenter to the installation package
  • Added icon for QW6Documenter on QW6Admin Begin Dashboard

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