Understanding Concurrent Licensing in Quality Window

Concurrent licensing permits the installation of Quality Window Software on an unlimited number of workstations within an organization. This approach uses a central QW License Server, a light weight windows service, to distribute a limited number of licenses or “seats” among users, ensuring a flexible and cost-effective management of both software access and license allocation.

Key Functions of QW License Server Manager:

  • License Allocation: Manages and monitors active user sessions and license usage.
  • Scalability: Allows the addition of extra seats to accommodate growing user demand without interrupting current operations.

License Usage Tracking: The QW License Server tracks license usage by identifying users based on the MACHINE\USERNAME identifier from each workstation.

License Allocation Rules:

  1. Single Workstation, Multiple Users:
    • If users such as Lab\Fred, Lab\Wilma, and Lab\Barney are logged in on the same workstation and are using QW6, each user will consume one separate license.
  2. Single Active User:
    • When Lab\Fred is the only active user and others have logged out, only one license is consumed regardless of the number of sessions, provided the ‘Allow Duplicates’ setting is enabled. If ‘Allow Duplicates’ is disabled, each QW6 session consumes a separate license.
  3. Multiple Workstations, Single User:
    • A user logged into multiple workstations (e.g., Fred logged into Lab, Lab2, Lab3) will consume a separate license for each workstation.

Best Practices for License Management:

  • Software Closure: Users should exit Quality Window software when finished to free up licenses.
  • Logout Protocol: Users should log out from workstations where Quality Window is not in use to prevent unnecessary license consumption.
  • Allow Duplicates Setting: Enabling this setting in the License Server Admin panel prevents the allocation of multiple licenses to a user running several sessions of QW6 on the same workstation.
  • License Reservations: For critical users, reserve permanent license seats through the QW License Server. This ensures Quality Window availability but reduces the overall pool of available seats by the number of reservations made.

These guidelines are designed to maximize the efficiency of your license management and ensure that QW6 resources are utilized effectively within your organization.

Need Further Assistance?

If you have any questions or require assistance with your Quality Window licensing, don’t hesitate to contact our support team. For more detailed information on configuring and managing your licenses, please refer to our comprehensive QW License Server Administration Guide. We’re here to help ensure your experience with Quality Window is seamless and efficient.

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