Understanding Concurrent Licensing in QW6

Concurrent licensing allows for the installation of the QW6 Software on an unlimited number of workstations in an organization. The QWLicense Server Manager then administers the pool of Seats/Licenses for QW6 users based on the number of Seats available. This provides for a simple and cost effective method of managing both users and licenses. The management of concurrent licenses is performed by the QWLicense Server Manager which provides information on active users and usage. Additional seats can be added at anytime to handle increases in the demand for QW6.

QWLicense Server Manager tracks usage based on the MACHINE\USERNAME value sent from the client workstation. Here is how Seats/Licenses are allocated based on different situations.

  1. Lab\Fred, Lab\Wilma, Lab\Barney will each consume one license if they are logged in to the same workstation and QW is running.
  2. Lab\Fred is the active login and all others have been logged out will only consume one license.
  3. Lab\Fred is the active login and has multiple sessions of QW. If Allow Duplicates is turned on at the License Server then only one license is consumed. Otherwise, one license per QW session is consumed.
  4. Same user logged in to multiple workstations will each consume a license. Fred is logged in to Lab, Lab2, Lab3, will result in Lab\Fred, Lab2\Fred, Lab3\Fred.

To ensure proper license management:

  1. Users should always shut down QW when they are finished.
  2. Users should not remain logged in to a workstation with QW running when they are finished.
  3. Allow Duplicates should be turned on at the License Server Admin. This will direct the QWlicense Server Manager not to allocate additional license(s) when a user runs multiple sessions of QW6 on a workstation.
  4. Use License Reservations feature of the QWlicense Server Manager for critical users which will allocate a permanent License seat to a User so QW6 will always be available to that user. This reduces the pool of available seats/licenses by one for each reservation.

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