Using Checkboxes in Quality Window

During process audits or lab analysis, there is often a need to measure attribute data such as defects into a Pass/Fail scenario. Although you could accomplish this with a Popup (Pass/Fail) or Text field (Y/N), it becomes difficult to analyze the data later on. Quality Window supports what’s called a Checkbox field. You would define the field as a Numeric field with length of 1 and 0 decimals, and enter CHECKBOX[1,0] into the Unit of Measure property. When adding data to this type of field, a ‘1’ will be returned if checked, and a ‘0’ will be returned if unchecked. Here is the definition in QWAdmin:

It becomes important how you name your variables. They should be in the form of a statement or question so that the end user on the Add screen is clear as to what a checked or unchecked entry pertains to. An example migh be ‘Bubbles Found?’ which implies that checked entries mean that the defect was observed or present.

Note that we have set the USL to .9, the UCL to .5 and the Target to 0. This means that any entry with the checkbox on will be displayed as White and any entry with the checkbox off will be displayed in Green. Also note that we have turned on the USL rule and turned all of the others off, so that any entries with the checkbox on will also show up on the Summary Screen as a USL rule violation.

This is what your Add screen would look to the user:

And this is what the Logsheet would look like (Defects highlighted in white):

If any defects were entered on the Add screen, the following Summary Screen would be displayed:

By using numeric checkboxes, you will also be able to Control Chart any defect over time as follows:

As you can see, using checkboxes to track defects is quite easy to setup and can be quite powerful in analyzing the data later on.

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