Using Input and Output Files In QW6

This option provides you with the ability to get data in and out of individual variables in a QW application.  Input files, as the name implies, are used to bring data for a single variable into QW when the A-Add key is pressed.  An example of this would be providing a default value for a variable on the Add screen.  Output files store data for a single variable when the the data is Saved on the Add or Edit screen for the last record in a QW application data file.  This is useful for sharing information between QW applications.

Input / Output Filename format: [drive:/path/]filename.IO

Example: C:\MyFolder\

If no drive or path are specified the current drive and path are assumed.

If an Input file is specified, but does not exist, the Input file is ignored.  If an Output file does not exist and one is specified QW will create the file.  If the file does exist it is overwritten with the new information.

QW will obtain the value from the Input File when the Add Screen is displayed.  The value from the Input File is placed in the variable on the Add screen before the Add screen is presented.  This value is then provided as the default value for that particular variable.

An Input File always contains the last value stored to it.  It is not erased after each Add function.

An Input File can be used with an Output File of the same name to create a default value which will change based on the last entry made for a variable on the Add data screen.

Using Input Files also permits you to share information that may have been entered in a different QW application or obtained from a source external to QW.  An external source could be from another information system or our utility program QW6RS232 attached to a measuring device such as a weight scale.

Other Input / Output Filename Uses:

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