Using QWFilepack to send QW application files by e-mail

To simplify packaging Quality Window 5 application files for support or sharing reasons we have created a utility program called QWFilepack.exe. It is used to assemble all of the files related to a Quality Window 5 application into one compressed file so you don’t have to figure out which files are required.

Please Note: Even though files like Input/Output Files and Popups are included in the FilePack the file paths associated with these files will not be changed.  This is to maintain compatibility in the case the Application is sent back to the originator.  The receiver of the file can use the QWAdmin program to adjust these paths as require.  We would recommend the QWAdmin Applications Grid View for this task.

QWFilepack is located in the directory where the Quality Window product was installed.

For a installs prior to QW 5 Build 800 look in C:\Busitech\QW50

For installs of QW 5 Builds 800 and higher look in  C:\Program Files(x86/Busitech/QW50

Use the Windows Explorer utility to navigate to this location (Start – Explore).

To use QWFilepack just follow these steps:

  1. Start  C:\Busitech\QW50\QWFilePack.exe
  2. In the left window navigate to the folder containing the template(s)
  3. In the right window select the template(s) you wish to package by placing a checkmark  beside the the template(s) to be included, or an   beside the template(s) to be excluded.
  4. Click Build Package
  5. You will be prompted to select the location and filename of the package. The defaults for the program are to select all files related to the application, the file created will be located in the current directory – you need to know that when attaching to an e-mail.  The default file name will be QWfilepackage[current date] .zip
  6. Start up your E-mail package and create a new E-mail and Insert/Attach the file you just created.  Remember to add the e-mail address(s) to where you are sending the file.  If you are sending it to Busitech address the e-mail to  Include in your e-mail a description of the problems you are encountering, the person’s name at Busitech that you may have been talking to.  It is also very important to include your name and contact information as well.

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