Using QWVersion

QWVersion collects and displays information on the files that are installed and used by Quality Window.

The information displayed is very helpful to the technical support staff at Busitech by letting them know what version of the Quality Window modules have been installed on your computer.

QWVersion is found in the same folder where Quality Window was installed and can be accessed by going to Start | All Programs | Quality Window and clicking QWVersion.

Once the report is generated go to the File menu:

Option: Output to: To Send:
Generate Html Report Internet Explorer as an .MHT file from where it can be sent via email. Internet Explorer must be installed to use this option.  File / Send / Page by Email to
Save As…  QWVersionOutput_yyyy-mm-dd.csv in the folder where Quality Windows was installed. This is the preferred method of delivery. Attach and sent to
Print… Your printer Fax to: +1 555-555-5555

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