Using Windows Active Directory Authentication for Security

In the QWSecurity feature of QW5 there is an option to user the Windows Active Directory authentication for User Id’s and Passwords.  Here are the steps to accomplishing this:

  1. Create the Active Directory User Id’s and Passwords that  you wish to use in QW5.
  2. Add the same User Id’s to the Security database in QW5 – QWAdmin Security
    • Review this link for details on setting up Security in QW5
    • Note: a password is a required field in the QWSecurity database but it is not used for authentication.  You can enter any 1 character – example X
  3.  Locate the file QWSecure.QWX – for builds 801 and higher it can be found in:
    • C:\ProgramData\Busitech\QW50 directory
  4. Verify the date on the QWSecure.QWX file is March 9, 2018 or later.
  5. Edit the QWSecure.QWX file with Notepad as follows:
    • To Turn on Active Directory authentication locate this line in the script and change False to True
    • Verify that the you wish to use the default Domain setting if you want to change it locate this line in the script and replace the Domain name between the quotes ” ” and remove the period (.)
      • QWsecure.Domain = “.” ‘ Selects default Domain
  6. Save the the changes to the QWSecure.QWX file.

The revised QWSecure.QWX file must be copied to each workstation that will use the Active directory Authentication.

For information on sharing QW 5 resource files with all users, like the QWSecure.DBF (User Id’s, Passwords and permissions) please refer to this link: 

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