Viewing data in SQL Databases using QWSQLWizard

There is a easy method of accessing valuable data locked away in your SQL databases.    Using the QWSQLWizard Utility you can access that data and present it in the QW5 “look and feel” helping you to unlock the secrets hidden in the data using the QW5 Analytical charting tools.

To accomplish this you will need

  • an extraction tool – QWSQLWizard
  • a good knowledge of both the database and how to compose a SQL Query statement to get the data you want

QWSQLWizard comes as part of the QW5 product.  It is a utility that assists in building a SQL query statement to extract data from a database and build a QW5 application “on the fly”.  Once you have perfected your Query statement you can save it as a QW5 application, meaning the SQL Statement is embedded in the application so you can re-run the query without having to re-invent it.

So a carefully crafted SQL Statement like this

Can get you this…and it is repeatable selecting the QW5 application you saved using the utility


For more information on QWSQLWizard utility please refer to this Overview document or contact us at

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