What are all the files that make up Quality Window Applications?

First, a QW Application is for a specific use or task – Example “Center Line Audit – Line 3 Size 6” or “Downtime Line 7” These applications would contain the necessary variables or elements as well as all definition data like specifications and targets to meet a specific application need.

A QW Application is made up of a number of associated files and understanding them is important for backup and recovery purposes as well as sending applications to other users who do not have direct access to the data.  The file information below is for one application and will be referenced by their file extensions.

  • .QWT – Application Template containing all the definition information like Variable Name, Order and limits like Specification, Control and Target values
  • .QWD – application data file where all data collected is stored based on the Template definition (QWT)
  •  *Note this file will grow in size as data is added to application.  See “Determining Storage Requirements for QW Applications” for details on size requirements.
  • .QWI – index file to QWD

The following files, may or may not exist, depending on what option is used:

  • .QVM – Views index file.  Views are a way to display QW applications in different formats or reports
  • .V1..V99 – Individual View definition files
  • .QWX – application script file – contains scripting routines specifically for an individual QW application.  A customization option.
  • .QWA – indexing file no longer used but maintained for compatibility with previous QW versions
  • .QWN – Stores the last number if using the AutoNumber feature

Associated files – can be shared by multiple QW Applications

  • .IO files are typically used to provide default values for individual variables like Shift or Team
  • .QPT, .QPD files are for Popup related files.  These are created in the QWAdmin – Popups to create pre-defined selections for variables.  Example would be Team and four selections defined Team A, Team B, Team C, Team D.  Used for speed and accuracy of data input.

Other files and extensions may be present in the directory for user defined files like Help files association for each variable or other such uses.

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