Introducing Quality Window Version 6.1

Seamless Transition, Enhanced Capabilities

We considered it very important that the Quality Window 6.1 (QW6) product would maintain the same look and feel as the Quality Window 5 (QW5) product, this makes it easier for current users to become comfortable with understanding and using the new product quickly. So, the colours used throughout the QW6 product tell the same story that the QW5 product did. This provides an instant visual understanding of the data displayed whether it is on the Add screen, Logsheet or on a chart. 

 We then added features that make it easier to use for both the QW6 users and the QW6 Administrator. 

New Features & Enhancements

  • QW6 Workstation Client – used for the collection and analysis of data based on a QW6 application template 
  • QW6 Admin Module – a dashboard of all the utility functions included in QW6 designed for the use of the QW Administrator o QW6 application maintenance 
  • Email Notifications – Receive real-time email alerts the moment a process variable falls out of specification
  • Seamless upgrade from QW5 to QW6 
  • Distributed Configurations
  • Directory Files – restrict user to specific files 
  • Scripting Editor 
  • Security Administration and improved traceability
  • Easy Access to utility modules 
  • Specification Management tool – enabling the bulk spec limit management of multiple applications. 

To learn more about each new feature and enhancement download our QW6 – New Features Overview $

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