Where do I find Quality Window Version and License information?

If you require Busitech technical support you should first locate the Version and Licensing information and have it handy when you either send an e-mail or call us directly.  This information will help us provide you the quickest and most accurate solution to the problems you are encountering.

To view this Version and License information follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Quality Window Icon and the Begin screen will appear with all the QW 5 Applications displayed – just click the Cancel button on the lower right of the Begin screen.
  2. On the top menu bar of the screen just under the QW 5 logo and name click on Help and then About QW 5.  You should see the following screen.  If you hold the Alt key down on your keyboard and then press PrtScn (top right of keyboard) you should be able to Paste (Ctrl V) the image right into an e-mail.

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