Why would You use Quality Window 5?

Here is an overview of some of the reasons our customers use QW 5.  See if any of them match your need.

1. A monitoring application – regular timed interval for sampling data – minimize variation and run to target

  •  Process settings – make it same every time on a particular line
  •  Quality variables – meet customer requirements
  •  Product variables – meet product specifications – regulatory
  •  Raw material verification – checking supplier quality – big impact on your performance
  •  Fill weights – regulatory and visual appearance to customer as well as cost of overfills
  •  Equipment validation – checking the testing equipment
  •  Create Certificates of Analysis – proving to your customer you meet their requirements

2. An event application – capture details of events – find and fix causes of failures

  •  Process Downtime – costly loss of production capability
  •  Quality Defects – identify, understand and eliminate them before they get to your customer
  •  Loss/waste – track and eliminate causes to decrease manufacturing costs
  •  Customer complaints – learn from your mistakes and don’t make them again

3. I have data in another format and want to view it in a Quality Window – got data and want to see it

  •  Excel data organized in rows and columns can be easily imported and create “on the fly” QW 5 applications
  •  Data is in an SQL data base and you want to view it – huge amounts of locked away data can be easily viewed in QW 5

4. I want to capture and view data from Automation Systems – automating data collection

  •  Data in PLC based control systems – supplement manually collected data
  •  I want to capture it on a scheduled or Event basis – Automatic data directly into QW 5 applications for review

If you want more information on how to accomplish any of the above suggestions or if you don’t see what you are looking for send us an e-mail…we are pretty creative and enjoy a challenge!

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