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Popup Design View

This option allows you to create new or modify existing Popup Selection File Templates (.QPT) .  The template is the layout of the Popup data file.  It tells the Popups-Edit functions what data is required and where that data is to be stored.  It also tells QW where to get the information it requires through P-popup and L-lookup type variables.


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Popup Title

The description you give to the Popup File you are creating.  It can be up to 30 characters in length and not contain quotation marks ( ' or " ).  This description appears on all Popup File Selection Windows that prompt you to select a Popup file.  


A Popup template (QPT) is made up of two field types, Popup Levels and Popup Fields.


Popup Question Levels

Each popup level is two digits in length and can have a value of 01 to 99.  There can be up to nine popup levels in a single popup selection file template.  Each Popup Level indicates a dependent entry in a Popup file.  Popup levela are used to sort and select data from a Popup Selection File.


Popup Fields

Each popup field can be up to 30 characters in length with the first 10 characters being unique.  A Popup Field holds information related to a specific Popup Level.  For each Popup Level there can be up to nine different Popup Fields associated with it.  The Popup Fields are used by P-popup variables to display selections and by L-lookup variables to display information for a specific Popup Level.