Using QWBackup

QWBackup is a utility program that can be used to archive Quality Window application templates.

Backup Files From The fully qualified path to the Quality Window application(s).Applications from multiple folders are allowed.The wildcard character ‘*’ is allowed.
Backup Files To The fully qualified path and Quality Window application(s).
KeepLast The number of generations to keep before overwriting.

Adding a new Entry

Once a QWBackup procedure has been created it can be saved and used in a commandline and added to your backup process.

To save a QWBackup procedure click File | Save As and enter a meaningful name for the files being backed up. The QWBackup procedure file will be save with an extension of .QWBackup

Backups of QW5 applications should be conducted on a timely basis.  The time frame between backups is based on individual needs.  In a busy manufacturing environment the loss of data can be a critical so once a shift of day may be the best time frame.

QW5 comes with a utility called QWScheduler which can be used to execute QWBackup on a timed basis.  For more information on the QWScheduler utility please refer to this document Automating data collection using QWScheduler.

The QWBackup utility creates .zip files of the applications selected in the backup to be performed.  To restore an application you would navigate to the directory where the backup files were stored and select the application you wish to restore.  Be careful to select the the correct applications.  There can be many versions of the application so typically you would select the most recent.

Please note that all files associated with a QW5 Applications are included in the ZIP file, including Popup files as well as IO files.   You may want to be selective as you unzip the files.

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