Using the Sampling Plan feature in QW 5

The Variable Reference number, to the right of the variable name on the Add Screen, is a customizable method of indicating when data can or should be entered for each individual variable on the Add Screen.

This is a very useful feature to allow for an application to contain data with vary sampling requirements be contained in one application rather than separating them into different applications.

This feature is set in the QWAdmin- Applications – Variable Screen

Quality Window Variable Info screen

Variables can be defined as:

  • A required entry – product or process critical variable
  • An expected entry – not required but can be omitted
  • Optional – like a comment field

First, you must understand that this feature is based off the shortest timeframe for sampling variables for a specific application. Note: Time frames are implied not forced.

An Example: – given shifts are 12 hours long

Data is collected:

  • variables once an hour  – sampling plan value 1 – every entry
  • variables every two hours – sampling plan 2 – every second entry
  • variables twice a shift – sampling plan 6  – every 6th entry – 12 hours / 2
  • variables once a shift – sampling plan 12 – every 12th entry
  • Comment like variable – sampling plan 0 – optional

Variable reference number is displayed in one of 3 colors

When it is time to enter data for a variable (add screen), based on sampling plan, the variable reference number (to the left of the Variable Name) will be displayed in one of 3 colors:

  • white – please enter data now – sampling plan 1 or greater
  • red – entry is required before saving the data – works with Required option
  • blue – optional – sampling plan set to zero 0

If a Variable is set to required (Required=Yes) then the user must enter a value before being able to save the record permanently.

The sampling plan feature will be displayed for the addition of new records and for the editing of last record in an application.  It is used on the editing of the last record to support data being entered in multiple stages.

If a Variable has the Option Required=Yes this setting will be used in conjunction with the Sampling Plan feature.

Example Required = Yes and Sampling Plan is set to 2 then an entry for that variable is only required every second time.

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